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Digital 1 Retail provides access to nearly 10,000 Movies & Songs.  All movies and songs are digital downloads and physical products.  Our e-commerce store front ships products to customers in more than 200 countries from our fulfillment center and we offer selections of DVD’s, music, games, accessories and books.  Through our on-line retail store, users can purchase and download our content or register as a wholesaler, purchase our products and have it shipped to their destination.

  • DVD, CD and Vinyl sales are still one of the most important sources of income for film makers and musicians.  Digital 1 Retail ships thousands of discs every day to consumers around the world.  If you’re not offering DVDs, CDs or Vinyl’s for your home entertainment and music fans, you’re missing out on sales.
  • Digital 1 Media Services is aware of the massive resurgence of DVDs, CDs and Vinyl records.
  • No more shipping your DVDs, CDs or Vinyl’s every time someone purchases your record.  We’ll stock, ship, and process every order from our fulfillment center to your requested destination anywhere in the world.
  • Start selling your DVDs, CDs and Vinyl’s on Digital 1 Retail now.

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