When the Songs you write are downloaded or streamed worldwide, you may be earning royalties you don’t even know about.  Digital 1 Music Publishing finds & collects these royalties for you.

Collect 13 different songwriters royalties from over 60 countries.

Get your songs placed in films, TV commercials, TV series, video games, sport networks and many more.

Money earned from sync licensing placements has become a valuable revenue stream for Digital 1 Music Publishing artists.  Our sync licensing program is a free add-on for all releases after you have purchased the publishing package, you can start making money by licensing your songs, from YouTube ad revenue and micro-sync licensing, all the way to feature film placements.

How do artists make money from Digital 1 Music Publishing sync licensing?

our one-time fee is $75.00 for that fee, you get the following:

  • Worldwide registration & royalty collection
  • One-time registration fee that covers all current and future compositions
  • Dedicated in-house team working on your behalf
  • Placement opportunities in film, TV commercials, TV series, video games & more
  • Keep 100% of your rights
  • Keep 90% of the royalties you earn*
  • Submit as many compositions as you like
  • If our creative team secures sync license based on our direct pitching efforts, our commission is 25%.

How do I know if publishing administration is right for me?

Have your songs been downloaded or streamed internationally?

Have your songs been used in videos on YouTube?

Are you spending more time on the administrative aspects of songwriting vs. the creative process?

Do you want to get your song featured in film, TV, video games and more?

Performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC collect your performance royalties only, and we work with them to collect these royalties on your behalf. In addition, Digital 1 Music Publishing is also able to collect 13 different types of royalties for you, some of which are nearly impossible to collect without a publishing administrator.

I want to get my songs featured in films, TV, sport networks, commercials, etc.  How can Digital 1 Music Publishing help with this?

After you have purchased the publishing package Digital 1 Music Publishing will actively pitch your compositions to music supervisors for placement in film, television, video games, sport networks, advertising and more. We make sure Digital 1 Music Publishing songwriter compositions are front-and-center for current licensing opportunities.

Being independent, our foreign affiliates also provide creative services using your songs in their local territories wherever possible. If you’re up for a film project, we’ll make sure to get you the best possible licensing fee. If you need a top notch writing collaborator we’re “the matchmakers of music publishing.” If you’ve got an album coming out, whether it’s one song or a whole album, we’ll see it gets to the film companies for that current release to drop into their production. If you have a small or mid-size label or film production company, our services are varied and unlimited, from administration and royalty disbursement to soundtrack album services and music supervision.

The success of this company, along with the growing client roster and most importantly, unparalleled client satisfaction, has made Digital 1 Music Publishing a most desirable place for producers, songwriters and artists.