• Music Distribution
      • Distribution Credits*


      • Ringtone Distribution*


      • Single Distribution*


      • Album Distribution*


        • Keep 100% of your music sales revenue
        • Keep 100% of your rights
        • Sell your music worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play…150+ digital store providers.
        • Daily sales trend reports with iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music data.
        • Monthly music sales reports
        • Custom cover art, if needed
    • Music Publishing Administration
      • Collect your songwriters royalties*

        $75.00 - Album $32.99- Singles

        • Collect composition royalties worldwide
        • TV and film sync licensing
        • YouTube composition royalties
        • Get quarterly statements
        • Get royalties PROs do not get
        • Keep 90% of royalties we collect
        • Keep 100% copyright ownership
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For volume inquiries of more than 100 releases, please contact us at * Send your album of 2 or more songs or your single of 1 song only to all stores. Send your ringtone (5-29 sec. long) to iTunes only. ** You keep 80% if our Creative Team secures any license for you (Sync, Film, TV, etc.).

Artist Services

Promotional packages

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Promote your release with top-quality printed marketing materials.  Purchase the Basic digital, Premium Digital, Digital & Street, Superstar, Value Added Services for a low price.

Band Posters

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Bandposters lets you design, print, and ship customized posters everywhere in seconds. We make it easy, in just three simple steps. First, use our powerful design tools to create a custom poster. Next, choose your tour dates or other destinations, and we’ll print that data directly on the poster (no more magic markers!). Then we take care of the rest – we print every poster with care and ship directly to the venues or wherever else you’d like.  

Recording Package

$75 for 5 or more songs

Pro Mastering Package- $75 per song for 5 songs or more- $60.00 Pro Mixing: (coming through a Neve analog console and Wave Mercury bundle) Up to 8 tracks $150.00 Up to 24 tracks $250.00 Up to 48 tracks $350.00 Up to 96 tracks $450.00   Vocal Tuning Lead Vocal- $125.00 each additional vocals- $45 Audio editing- $65.00 hr      Independent artist can now take advantage of the

Video Production

$600 for 1 day

Cameras: Black Magic Cinema, Cannon, Drone. *Edition: Final Cut / Davinci Resolve / Adobe after Effects Based on location, distance and story board Note: Air fare, Hotel and food is not included and to be paid by Client. Cost *One day recording plus editing- $2,400 *Two day recording plus editing- $3,360 *Three day recording plus editing- $4,200 - Special events recording per day- $600.00 - Voice over commercial 30sec. to 45sec- $720.00

LANDR Instant Mastering


Refine and polish your stereo mixes quickly with LANDR. LANDR is an instant mastering service that perfects the sound of your songs, giving them a more professional quality. FAST: LANDR masters your music in minutes giving you a higher-quality sound than your original recording. RISK FREE: Get a FREE preview sample before you buy. Compare the new master with your original. AFFORDABLE: Just $9.99 per track. BRILLIANT: iTunes-quality sound that's great for radio too.   submit desired tracks through Digital 1 Media Services. LANDR masters your music in minutes. Your songs get a higher-quality sound than your original recording—a sound that’s great for radio and iTunes.     Features & Benefits Get instant mastering on your computer screen! Easy drag and drop upload track process. LANDR's adaptive engine "listens" and reacts to your music. Multi-band compression, EQ and stereo enhancement adapt to your songs. You can compare a sample of the master recording against your original track! Your entire track is digitally enhanced, in minutes, giving it a higher-sounding quality!



*Collect Your YouTube and Sound Recording Revenue this service finds, collects, sends you revenue your sound recording generates on YouTube, both from other people’s video and videos on your own channel. Just choose tracks you want to collect money on and set your channel preferences. There is a one-time setup fee of $10 for all your current and future sound recordings. You keep 80% of collected revenue!


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AudioLock provides producers, record labels, artists, DJ's and digital download stores with the most cost-effective, rapid and accurate way to protect their releases from digital piracy and maximize revenue.  We only specialize in music anti-piracy. We do one thing extremely well, so you get a dedicated service and the best results possible.

Film Distribution Package


With our global reach across digital, cable TV and subscription on-demand services, your audience’s screen – whether big or small – has never been closer.  Get your Movie project distributed to digital, cable TV and subscription on-demand services across North America.

We'll do it all for you for one set price!
Our DIGITAL 1 MEDIA SERVICES Program provides ALL of the following:
DIGITAL PLATFORMS. We'll encode, do the QC (Quality Control), and submit your film to the major digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Vudu, FandangoNow, TubiTV, and Hoopla. More platforms will be added as they become available. Your film, once listed, will become available in almost every country in the world. Also, while a theatrical run is limited, your film can remain on the digital platforms for a very long time.
CABLE VOD (video-on-demand). We have arrangements with major cable companies in the US: Time Warner Cable and Comcast. These companies could provide 40 million households in the US access to your film.
NO-RISK DVD SALES. It's still a billion-dollar business. Your film will be marketed to the major DVD wholesalers that handle retail chains (Walmart, Target, Best Buy), schools, colleges, libraries, and military installations. Your film will be prepared and placed on secure servers, making it available for purchase on an ON DEMAND basis. No inventory to maintain; no warehousing; no missed business opportunities; no waste; no risk.
COST: $900.00. This is the total cost for marketing  your film to ALL three programs: digital platforms, cable stations, and DVD wholesalers.
INCOME: You will receive 100% of the digital and cable income after deducting 20% for our associated aggregators. There are NO additional upfront costs; NO deductions for overhead or expenses; NO annual fees or charges.

Collect your songwriters royalties

$75.00 - Album $32.99- Singles

Collect your songwriters royalties the songs you write generates over 13 different royalties every time they’re downloaded, streamed, or performed live. Our publishing is non exclusive and we’ll register, license, and pitch your songs worldwide. We’ll collect all your money and give it to you.   *As an extra bonus we will deliver your songs for background music within North America locations to Fashion Retail, Specialty Retail, Restaurants, Hospitality, Medical, Dental, Spas, Salons and more. *We will deliver your song lyrics to LyricFind that licenses the rights to use song lyrics online from music publishers worldwide, and provides legal lyrics content to digital music services, web sites, and mobile services. *Pay a one-time fee and register unlimited songs at no extra cost.