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PPV Live Platform

A result of the pay-per-view distribution, cable systems and satellite providers will be running the provided 30-second digital promo on their barker channel and in cross-channel positions, i.e. CNN, ABC, CBS, MTV, BET, REVOLT, AWE, BOUNCE etc. Since there are nearly 2,000 systems, not including the satellite and telephony platforms, it has been estimated that this promotion will result in over 400,000 runs during the course of the promotion, nation-wide and in Canada. Also increasing during the live streaming of the event.

Interstitial runs, which occur before and after other events, are often originated from the networks. This gives us increased visibility from existing PPV buyers. Please note that to actually meet these estimated numbers marketing and advertisement must play a key part.

As a licensor to iN DEMAND we help our clients provide content offering to iN DEMAND for 60 million households. As content experience explodes onto new platforms and new technical formats, iN DEMAND is a pro-active catalyst on behalf of Digital 1 Media Services clients in navigating the future of multi-platforms rights. iN DEMAND team works with Digital 1 Media Services to advocate for new windows and packaging innovations that maximize potential revenue for all Digital 1 Media Services stakeholders.

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