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 'Dave Mikeal'

Publisher :  Veal-Steen Music Publishing/ Administration Publisher- Digital 1 Music Publishing

Album :  

Year :  2016

  • Category: Artists, Dave Mikeal, Dave Mikeal, Female, Inspiring, Love, Positive, Vocals,
  • Track Title: Wherever You Are
  • Artist Name: Yvana Clowney
  • Performed By: Yvana Clowney
  • Writers: Dave Mikeal- Studio Live USA
  • Explicit: clean
  • Label/Master Owner:   LGN Entertainment
  • Territory:   World

Writer #1 Information

  • Writers #1:   David Mikeal
  • Writer %:   100%
  • Controlled:   100%
  • Pub Admin:   Digital 1 Music Publishing
  • PRO:   ASCAP

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'Dave Mikeal ' lyrics