About Us

Digital 1 Media Services, Inc. (D1MS) has become a proudly successful, independent record company and home entertainment music company. Based in Florida, Digital 1 Media Services distribution arm reaches throughout North America. We are constantly keeping our eye out for compelling acquisitions and our finger on the pulse of the consumer marketplace.

What distinguishes Digital 1 Media Services from other home entertainment music companies is our innovative marketing and promotion. In addition to putting our product on the shelves of major chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, f.y.e. Costco and many more.

Digital 1 Media Services provides one of the largest online distribution channel reaching hundreds of online stores, streaming companies and mobile partners in 200+ countries. We deliver your music to iTunes, Spotify, Beats Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, BeatPort Pro, and HUNDREDS more around the globe. There is no comparison to the amount of exposure we provide.

Not only do we offer one of the largest online music distribution we offer a suite of services from home entertainment distribution, digital distribution, physical distribution, ringtone, music publishing, mastering, video production, TV advertising, radio promotions, tracking, digital marketing, digital piracy protection and recording. These services were created to help labels, artists and songwriters to reach their music goals and further their careers.

Our goal: “To reach the consumer via all portals where home entertainment music buyers dwell”.

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