Digital 1 Media Services (D1MS) today announced that Dyer Davis has been signed to an exclusive, global administration publishing agreement.

Dyer Davis is an American singer/guitarist, who released his debut album for WildRoots Records in February. He spent the last 8 years of his young life as a rock artist, recently departing from the band Rubber Soul Child. Now at 23, he has returned to the music that first inspired him to become a musician.

Every so often, a young artist seemingly appears out of nowhere with a recording that gets blues fans and critics excited. Sometimes that initial burst of attention fades, never to return if the musician can’t build on the early success. Then some artists seem to peer far deeper into the human experience than one might expect, given their young age. We sometimes forget that you can do a lot of living in a short period.

Guitarist Dyer Davis (Edwin Dyer Davis III) has garnered plenty of praise for his debut release, Dog Bites Back, on Wildroots Records. The hard-rocking album is nominated for a 2023 Blues Blast Music Award in the New Artist Debut Album category. In his review for Blues Blast, senior writer Steve Jones commented, This is an exceptional album….. what a fine soulful blues rock CD….. The second time through I was even more impressed.” Over 12 original songs and one cover, Davis consistently impresses with his vocals, songwriting, and six-string prowess.

Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, Davis got his start listening to records from his dad’s collection.

“ I grew up with a very wide variety of different genres and bands, all primarily from the 1960s and 70s. That’s where my loyalties tend to lie, bands like, you know, Cream and Iron Butterfly and Spirit on the American side, but on the British side, the Stones and the Beatles, the Faces and the Jeff Beck Group. Specifically the British Blues stuff really stuck with me, especially when you get it in the context of knowing who the Yardbirds, and you hear pop songs by the Yardbirds that are retrofitted. Instead of swinging the grooves and playing them up tempo, the Yardbirds played them straight and slowed down, so there’s just a certain level of rawness that was always really attractive to me.

“It’s an honor to work with Dyer Davis and we’re excited to administer his catalog.  Steve Lane, President of DIGITAL 1 MEDIA SERVICES, D1MS.

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