19 Sep

BMI Rate-Court Judge Rules Against Dept. of Justice’s ‘100 Percent’ Licensing Decision

In a surprise move, BMI’s rate court judge ruled on Friday that fractional licensing is allowed under the consent decree the performing-rights organization operates under, according to a statement from BMI. According to Stanton’s ruling, “The con

02 Sep

YouTube Red in Mexico

Premium video and music streaming service YouTube Red has expanded into Mexico. For that reason they are offering a 30 days free trial. YouTube Red is going to be MX $99/month when purchased on desktop or android (MX $139 on iOS). YouTube Red is now avail

02 Sep

Apple Music launches in South Korea

Apple Music launched in South Korea this August, just one day after it launched in Israel. South Korea is the eighth largest music market in the world. With its expansion into the land of K-pop, Apple leaves out one major part of its service: iTunes (down

02 Sep

Digital 1 recommends LANDR Instant Mastering

Using its highly-adaptable artificial intelligence engine, LANDR has mastered over 2 million tracks for musicians worldwide. Tailored to each track’s production style and genre, it applies a custom set of adaptive tools to give tracks the unique treatm

02 Sep

Amazon preparing to launch a full on-demand subscription streaming service

The streaming service will most likely be launched this September or at the latest this fall in selected territories in the EU, USA and Asia. The company already offers a free streaming service (Prime Music) with a very limited catalogue to its Prime

16 Aug

Copyright Royalties

OVERVIEW Copyrights are a form of intellectual property granted by the U.S. Copyright office that covers creative products including songs, books, films and more. Copyright protection is available for both published and unpublished works and is valid for

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