Chanselah “Ya Done Know”

Street Date: 8/18/2017

2:29 Minutes, Chanselah, 886446577708, D1MS14745 , Digital 1




Selling Points

*40 city HBCU college tour starting August 26, 2017
*Aggressive on-line Marketing and Social Media Campaign
* Creation of a publicity and branding campaign
* :30 Ads on major networks to direct consumer sale
* National Radio- Servicing over 300 FM Radio Stations Worldwide
* Music Choice- Stations- Cable, Sirius/XM Stations - DirectTV, Tidal, Pandora, Apple Radio, Spotify, MTV-Viacom Online Networks, BET, Centric, MTV online initiatives, TV-1 Online Networks, High Values Music Blogs, All Commercial Radio DJ's, All Music And Program Directors, Record Pools and DJ Collectives, DJ Organizations and Mobile DJ's.